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Termite Treatment Cost

Have you recently had problems with termites in your home, apartment, or commercial property? Are your tenants complaining that this has become an issue that needs to be settled as soon as possible? Are in search of a termite company with effective solutions from technicians that have years of experience and friendly customer service?

Our staff of professionally licensed termite inspectors can work with you in order to determine where termites could be located and provide a cost-effective treatment plan to eradicate them. Treatment begins with inspection. For homeowners in Los Angeles County, inspections are free. However, if the inspection is for escrow purposes, there will be a nominal fee for writing a professional report. The termite treatment cost depends on whether it will be centered on specific location (local spot treatment), or if the entire property is infested, fumigation may be required, which involves tenting your property. The termite treatment cost also depends on the size of the property, the condition of the wood surfaces, and a varitey of other factors.

For almost 50 years, Right Time Termite Company has worked with homeowners, apartment owners, real estate agents, and property managers in the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County areas. Being that we are a family-owned company, we have had experience in dealing our clients to make sure that they receive the best service possible. This is provided through our knowledge of real estate and construction so that we can allow your our quality services, such as termite inspection and termite treatment.

The best way to keep termites from further spreading is if you keep them away from their food and water supply. Keep firewood or other wood construction materials farther away from your home. Termites can be detected in your property if there is evidence of spongy wood where they make nests. If you find termites where they have shed wings inside your home, it is best to contact us immediately. The best way to remove them requires poison, which helps to destroy their colony.

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