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Late summer and fall are quickly approaching, the prime time for termite infestations in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. While most of the United States is home to one or more species of termites, the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area is home to the Western Drywood termite. Unlike their subterranean counterparts, Drywood termites require little moisture and thrive in dry environments. They love to feast on dry wood, including structural lumber, dead trees, utility poles, fence posts and stored lumber.

Highly organized and industrious, the winged members of colonies migrate to your Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley home or business during the dry, sunny weather of summer and fall infesting all wooden structures and furniture. Now is the time to schedule an inspection, before those costly Drywood invaders cause extensive damage to your property.

Fortunately, the Right Time Termite Company has provided termite control for homeowners, apartment owners, property managers, commercial property owners and realtors in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley since 1968. Family owned and operated, the Right Time Termite Company understands the costs involved with maintaining a home or running a business, and they will not charge you an inspection fee unless a written report is required for escrow purposes.

A professionally trained termite inspector will access your property and determine the most cost effective way to proceed with termite treatment and control and wood repairs. Since the county area has both wet and dry microclimates, Right Time Termite inspectors have extensive knowledge in eliminating all types of termites from your home or property, including the Drywood termites and the Western Subterranean termites. They specialize in cost effective termite treatment programs including local spot treatments, fumigation and wood repair.

Termite control and treatment programs vary and are determined by the type of problem you have. Flying termites can often be eliminated by using a local spot treatment, including the areas of your home or business where they like to hide, such as within the walls or under the floorboards.

Did you know there are two swarming seasons every year in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley? Multitudes of Western Subterranean termites are on the move in the spring followed by swarms of Drywood termites in the late summer and fall. And in most cases, once a swarm of Drywood termites settle into your home or business, they never leave. Instead, they will eat their way through all of your wooden structures.

The evidence they leave behind, however, is easily spotted by Right Time Termite's professional inspectors, and the earlier the detection, the greater the chance for the quickest and most cost effective solution.

Remember, termites never leave until they have run out of wood to consume. That makes right now the right time to schedule your free inspection with Right Time Termite Company. Visit their website at or give them a call at 323-287-5078 today!

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