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Amazing Flea Circus

Did you know that the pesky flea was largely responsible for spreading the Plague in Europe? Or that fleas can move 1000 times their own weight? It's heady stuff. And sure to amze you when you actually see it for yourself. Watch the brief video below and see why these insects are called the "strongest blood suckers on the planet."

  • Look at an actual flea as it flips a quarter.

  • Learn the secret to putting a collar and leash on a flea. Really!

  • Gain newfound respect for this pestilent pest.

The moral to this story? If you find a flea, train him! But if you need termite control in Los Angeles, call Right Time Termite Company.

Editors note: Sadly, an especially cold winter in Germany recently took its toll on a troop of top flight micro-performing fleas. Bavarian flea circus director, Robert Bork, in March reported his performing fleas were being transported in a Styofoam box when the frigid temperatures got the best of his hairy friends. That's 300 heartbreaking little deaths to the international entertainment world.

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