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Termite Inspection Los Angeles

Looking for the best termite company Los Angeles?  Right Time Termite will get rid of your termites. Guaranteed! We will inspect your property for termites and recommend the most cost-effective termite control options.  Whether you need a local spot treatment of fumigation, there is no termite inspection cost unless a written report is required for real estate transactions. Right Time Termite Company has provided termite inspections in Los Angeles and termite control programs since 1968. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you don't pay.* We are licensed, bonded and insured.




Termite inspectors at Right Time Termite Company are trained professionals with extensive knowledge in construction methods and termite control approaches that take into account the wet and dry microclimates that exist within the county.  In the San Fernando Valley, the inversion layer plays a particularly unique role in holding in moisture where termites can swarm or nest.


With few exceptions, commercial termite control in Los Angeles County is provided to homeowners or apartment and building managers with no inspection cost unless a written report is needed for escrow purposes.  Right Time Termite specializes in home fumigation and termite control as well as commercial property termite inspection and treatment.


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