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Fumigation Tenting Costs

"What does it cost to tent and fumigate my property?"

When it comes to determining what the cost is to fumigate your home or business, the best answer is always to call a professional like Right Time Termite to discuss your particular situation.

Fumigation Costs Vary

Fumigation costs vary based on the size of the property and amount of infestation. Your Right Time Termite professional will provide a free estimate for your property.

How large is your property?

In general, it is the cubic volume of your property, not the square footage, that has the biggest impact on price.

Cubic volume includes the square footage of your property including the attic space, spaces between floors if multi-story home, the substructure (if not on concrete slab), porches and patios and attached garages.

Inspecting your property

Before calculating cubic volume, the first step to determine the cost of fumigation is to have a professional perform a thorough inspection, inside and out, from the roof line to the foundation.

An inspection will confirm whether termites are present, uncover potential termite trouble spots, and help determine the best approach to eliminate any existing infestations and prevent future problems.

Treatment plan and estimate

If there is an existing infestation, the termite professinoal should tailor a treatment plan to protect your home at the lowest possible cost. Right Time Termite provides such plan based on a number of factors including:

  • Your home's age and structural traits

  • The history of infestations or previous treatments

  • Total potential termite entry points

  • Location and current level of termite infestation

If tenting is called for, you should get an estimate with the propsed treatment plan to sign off on before beginning the work.

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