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Termite Fumigation Services


Think you have termites? 

Your property may be at risk for expensive damage that could turn your biggest investment into your biggest expense. Worse, these pest may have been quietly eating away at your home from the inside out without your knowledge.  If you think you have termites, call Right Time Termite Company today.

Do you really need to fumigate or will a spot treatment work?

Whether your home needs to be fumigated or localized spot treatment will suffice, can be determined upon our professional inspection of your home. In general, fumigation is considered the best course of action when one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • When all infestations cannot be found

  • When all termites must be killed

  • When more than one infestation is found

  • When the infestations are not accessible

  • If the home was previously treated and termites still appear

  • If your home is over five year's old



If you need to fumigate, how much does fumigation cost?

termite fumigation or spot treatment
home fumigation and tenting
Fumigation Tenting Cost

Fumigation costs vary based on the size of the property and amount of infestation. Your Right Time Termite professional will provide a free estimate for your property.

How large is your property?

In general, it is the cubic volume of your property, not the square footage, that has the biggest impact on price. 

Cubic volume includes the square footage of your property including the attic space, spaces between floors if multi-story home, the substructure (if not on concrete slab), porches and patios and attached garages.

Inspecting your property

Before calculating cubic volume, the first step to determine the cost of fumigation is to have Right Time Termite perform a thorough no-obligation inspection, inside and out, from the roof line to the foundation.


An inspection will confirm whether termites are present, uncover potential termite trouble spots, and help determine the best approach to eliminate any existing infestations and prevent future problems.

Treatment plan and estimate

If there is an existing infestation, a treatment plan will be tailored to protect your home at the lowest possible cost. We will provide specific treatment recommendations based on a number of factors including:

  • Your home's age and structural traits

  • The history of infestations or previous treatments,

  • Total potential termite entry points

  • Location and current level of termite infestation.


If tenting is called for, our inspector will provide a no-obligation estimate to complete your work.  


All fumigation services are covered by a full two year warranty.  If termites are present after treatment, we will come back and retreat until the termites are gone. Guaranteed.

If your home needs to be tented, the price of fumigation depends on a number of factors including the cubic volume of your property. Call Right Time Termite today for a complimentary estimate on fumigating your property

termite control los angles

The first step to detrmine the cost of fumigation is to have Right Time Termite perform a thorough no-obligation inspection inside and out from roof line to the foundation.


You may only need a localized spot treatment in affected areas

A treatment plan to rid your property of termites will be developed with your estimate. Fumigation services are backed by a full two-year warranty

If you suspect you have termites call us today at 818-974-8444 for a free estimate

Call us now at 818-974-8444 to schedule a free estimate

What chemicals do you use for Fumigation? Is it safe for pets?

We use variety of chemicals to treat termites that are safe for pets after fumigation is complete. This includes Vikane, a proven and time tested gas developed by Dow Chemical and used in fumigation for drywood termites.  

When treating for subterranean termites only, fumigation and tenting is not required. Instead, the soil of your home is treated with the best chemical for your particular situation. Some of these chemicals create a protective treated zone between termites and the wood in your home. Soil treatment chemicals have a unique chemistry that stays inside the soil and doesn't wash away. 

The gas used is odorless and after fumigation it is safe for humans and  pets to reenter.

​What do you need to do to prepare for Fumigation?

Your Right Time Termite professional will review how to prepare for fumigation. Right Time Termite provides complimentary specially designed nylon bags to store food in during fumigation.  Clothing does not need to be removed from your home for fumigation. If you leave your automobile in an area to be fumigated (i.e. - garage), it will need to be left unlocked and with the trunk and all windows open. This is to prevent gas from getting trapped inside your vehicle.

When can you return to my property after fumigation?

In general, you  can move back in after your home is certified.  Fumigation takes approximately 3 days and certification is done at that time.

Do you get a certificate of completion after fumigation?

Yes, you get a standard notice of work completed.


The best termite company in Los Angeles is also the most reasonable


When it comes to protecting your home from termites, you have too much at risk to rely on anyone other than an experienced termite control professional like Right Time Termite Company. Termite control is site-specific process that requires:

  • Experience and training to recognize signs of termite activity

  • Knowldge of termite behavior, construction practices, structural features, soil types, water drainage patterns and climate to identify your home's vulnerable spots

  • Specialized knowledge, equipment and tools to treat your home appropriately

  • Products that only licensed termite control professionals are authorized to use


Since 1968, Right Time Termite has served thousands of Los Angeles and Valley area residents and businesses with cost effective, guaranteed termite treatment and control services.

Call us now at 818-974-8444 to get a free estimate

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