What does termite inspection cost?

Termite inspections for determining the source of termite infestation and a termite treatment program is generally free for homeowners.  Termite inspections for the purpose of creating a written report for new mortgage or escrow purposes are charged a nominal fee which is rebated when the actual work is performed. All termite inspections are performed by a licensed and bonded termite inspector.


What does termite treatment cost?

Termite treatment costs vary depending on whether the treatment is localized or if fumigation is required.  You will be given a price for termite treatment options after a professional, trained technician evaluates your issue. 



Commercial termite inspection vs. residential inspection?

Termite treatment costs for commercial properties versus residential ones will vary based on age of the property, construction materials used and extent of infestation and damage to wood.  You will be given a price for termite treatment options after a professional, trained technician evaluates your property. 

What does home fumigation cost?

The first step in determining the cost of any type of termite treatment is a thorough and comprehensive inspection, inside and out and from roof line to foundation. We will tailor a fumigation plan at the lowest possible cost based on a variety of actors, including your home's age and structural traits, its history of infestations and previous treatments, potential termite entry points and location of any existing infestation, the current level of termite infestation, and your family's unique needs (e.g. presence of pets). The cubic volume of the home is one of the biggest factors in determining the final cost for fumigation.  Therefore, homes with high ceilings and/or lofts have a higher cubic volume than if the same home had standard ceilings.


* Satisfaction guarantee valid on Single family dwelling units only. Fumigation services are warranteed for two years.  Spot treatments are warranteed for one years. Rot and fungus treatments are guaranteed for 3 months. If within 30 days after any treatment you aren’t totally satisfied with our work, we will come back and retreat the affected areas until you are satisfied or refund your money. © 2015 Right Time Termite Company.

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